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EverFi Achieve

This project represents a total overhaul of @work, Everfi's flagship adult financial education product. Its goal is to provide learners with financial lessons that can positively influence their decisions and management of personal, family, and business finances. Whether it’s breaking an ongoing cycle of debt and poverty, or helping to optimize existing financial plans and strategies, Achieve is focused on a broad spectrum of learning audiences.

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Lead UI/UX Designer

Frank Stewart / UI & UX
Ann Schoew & Jenna Strange / Illustration
Terry Biddle & Drew Hard / Art Direction


Building a Flexible System

Because this product would be replacing one used by many different partners with their own unique audiences, a major challenge came in building a system flexible enough to accomodate their varying needs. On top of that, this would also need to be responsive, unlike its predecessor.

Responsive typography
Desktop grid, spacing, & typography
Mobile grid, spacing, & typography

We also needed a way for partners to inject their own branding into the interface should they choose to serve it to customers from within their own products. My solution was to use a limited color palette and restrict whitelabel colors to select areas, so that text would remain accessible across virtually any color palette.

Rather than using a full color palette, we would use different opacities of the primary action color to indicate interactivity, state, or as a visual accent. The same approach was applied to typography as well.

Limited color palette
Base color scheme

Achieve presented an opportunity to flesh out our component library with additional flexibility and improved interactions suitable for the new micro-learning content model.

UI & Interaction Design